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Top 10 Tips to get your product in Target Stores

  • Brand Awareness: Having a brand that consumers know is one of the biggest hurdles vendors face. If you have this or are in the process of building, we can help.
  • Marketing: Getting your product and brand in front of consumers is essential. We can help determine viable marketing channels that help launch new products that ultimately find their way into Target stores
  • Strong Website: Today’s consumer conducts hours of research online. Make sure you have a powerful and professional website. Consider it an extension of your brand.
  • Logistics: The ability to understand and deliver consistent inventory to retailers is critical.
  • Social Media: Much like your website, consumers rely heavily on social media for their purchases. What are you doing to drive consumers to your brand?
  • Quality: Target wants value, but poor quality will ruin a brand. Make sure you deliver a solid product before putting into retail.
  • Packaging: The packaging is what sells the product in Target. Invest in high quality packagingthat captures the customer’s eye and educates them quickly.
  • Knowing Target: If you have all the above, then partner with a reputable manufacturer’s rep to help you understand and navigate with Target Stores. There is so much to learn!
  • Shop Target: If you don’t shop at Target, do so. Get to understand their culture and how they merchandise their stores.
  • Merchandising: Understand Target is unlike any retailer. They take pride in how their stores look and expect vendors to understand and adhere to their strict needs and requirements.
  • Strong Financials: Target is one of the largest retailers in North America. It takes healthy financials to support the business.

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