Mills Fleet Farm – DLA Manufacturer Representative

Mills Fleet Farm – DLA Manufacturer Sales Representative

DLA sells manufacturer products to Mills Fleet Farm.  If you are looking for a Manufacturer Sales Representative that can sell your products to Mills Fleet Farm then contact us today at 952-941-9400 and speak to one of our Manufacturer Representatives to discuss your product, brand or program and how we can work together to sell your product to Mills Fleet Farm.

Mills Fleet Farm currently has 37 stores and was acquired by a New York based private equity firm KKR in 2016.  Due to the acquisition of KKR Mills Fleet Farm has aggressive growth plans and is looking to double in size by 2022 which means over 60 stores!

D. Landstrom Associates has a dedicated sales team focused on strong buyer relationships with the Mills Fleet Farm purchasing team.  DLA understands what it takes to get products placed in Mills Fleet Farm stores and our team is focused on ensuring a seamless process so you can focus on manufacturing and product development.  One of the reasons suppliers like to use DLA is because we have a dedicated sales team traveling to Mills Fleet Farm on a regular basis and we maintain our buyer relationships across the store.  It saves suppliers a lot of time and money sending employees and helps to simplify and expedite the process as DLA is regularly conducting line reviews with the Mills Fleet Farm buying teams.  Contact DLA today to discuss your program (952) 941-9400.  We look forward to speaking with you and helping you secure shelf space at Mills Fleet Farm.