Nielsen: 64% of Americans age 13 and older are gamers Target Stores Best Buy Stores

Nielsen Data: 64% of Americans age 13-and-older are gamers Target Stores Best Buy Stores Nielsen, the data group you know best for TV ratings and product ratings for Target Stores, Best Buy Stores and Walmart Stores, released its 2017 report on the gaming market today. It notes that 64 percent of U.S. population 13 [...]

Nintendo Switch sells out — but new shipments hit Target Stores and other retailers this weekend

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch by now, you’ll probably have to continue waiting at least a few more days. Nintendo’s latest console launch has come and gone and the Switch is now mostly sold out at physical retailers like Target, ToysRUs, and Walmart as well as at online stores like Amazon, but you won’t have [...]

Target Corporation preparing to Launch 12 or more Proprietary Brands

Target, in a bid to help reverse declining sales, will launch a dozen proprietary brands during the next two years in striving for a merchandise mix that separates the chain from its competitors, COO John Mulligan told investors. Target didn’t release details on the new brands, but their addition could “touch $10 billion of [...]

Walmart Awards Petra E-Commerce Supplier Of The Year

Walmart Awards Petra E-Commerce Supplier Of The Year Accolades given during Walmart’s inaugural Supplier Growth Summit Tech accessories distributor Petra Industries announced Walmart awarded it the Supplier of the Year for E-commerce at Walmart’s inaugural two-day Supplier Growth Summit last week. Supplier of the Year is given to the company that best provides and expands [...]

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