Smartphone vs Tablet vs PC growth

Pew survey: PC ownership falls fastest among 18-29-year-olds Growing smartphone and tablet ownership put a lid on desktop and laptop PC ownership in the U.S., with PC ownership rates falling the fastest among people ages 18 to 29,  a Pew Research Center survey shows. Among all adults, desktop and laptop ownership remained relatively flat [...]

GoPro Publishes Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Drone After Reporting Disappointing Earnings

GoPro is working on a drone that’s scheduled for release in early 2016. The company just posted a sneak peak of footage captured from the new drone. Spoiler: It’s silky smooth. This footage was released an hour after GoPro announced a disappointing third quarter financial statement, which caused the stock price to crash 18% in [...]

Fitbit Surge vs Microsoft Band 2 – Best tracking system in 2015 – Tech Gadget Central

Both Fitbit Surge and Microsoft band 2 are great tracking devices. But the greater looks of the Microsoft Band 2 will be more appealing.  Target stores or Best Buy stores both carry fitbit and it has been a consistent marketshare leader. Source: Fitbit Surge vs Microsoft Band 2 - Best tracking system in 2015 [...]

Keurig and Campbell Are Now Selling Cartridges for Soup – Fortune

It’s a wonder its just being released now.If you’ve ever wanted to make something other than coffee from your Keurig, well, you’re in luck. Campbell Soup and Keurig have partnered to sell soup to consumers looking for something savory from their do-it-yourself machine.“We know more than 80 percent of people who buy Keurig pods also [...]

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